The first thing you should do is watch both of our tutorial videos below to get a good understanding about Details.  Once you’ve watched them, ask for an Invitation Code from our sales team or click here to ‘Request Invite Code‘.
We are currently tracking how all inquiries find Details.  As a start-up, it is extremely important to know how our marketing dollars are impacting our growth.  We track these specific invitation codes to know where you found us.  We appreciate our Wholesale partners, Brand Ambassadors, facebook friends and Mailchimp leads that are spreading the word and supporting us!

We highly suggest watching this video FIRST before you get started. It will show you EVERYTHING that Details can do for you-- and Easily!

Try Details for 7-days, risk free! All it takes is your email address and few tidbits of information and you’re on your way!  Once logged in, please choose between monthly or annually.  You do not have to enter your credit card, but be sure to add a COUPON if you have one when you start.  

You get full access to Detail Flowers’ full suite of services for 1 week. During the 7 days, you will be amazed at how easy it is to use our program and will quickly become blooming with your business.  What you see is what you get.  And as we add new features, you will automatically get to TRY them!  It’s an exciting time to join the Details Team.

At the end of 7 days, you can officially subscribe to Details.  You will have to enter your payment information, to continue.  This payment will run monthly on the same date.  You will continue to impress your clients, be amazed at how much time you saved, and build an extravagant image library of your designs the more you use Details! 

Well, we’re glad you asked! Shoot us an email and we’ll extend your trial for an additional seven days!  🙂  We want our users to commit to learning Details, and for some, it takes a bit more than 1 week. But, if you love what you see, join us right away!  For each new member, we are able to provide new, innovative features for everyone with the heavy costs of programming!  There is still much to do, and we are committed to providing you with these requests as our industry partner!

The monthly subscription fee to join Details is currently $99/monthly.  Each Details account comes with 2 users- with additional admin’s available at $10/each per month.  With your subscription you will have unlimited portfolio management, unlimited event creation, unlimited resource items & inventory items, historical costs tracking, custom contract creation and much, much more.  You should definitely watch the videos during your trial to see ALL that Details has to offer our subscribers.
Yes!  We added annual subscriptions in 2017!  Sign up for annually and pay one flat fee for the whole year!  Annual memberships are $1,000 for the year.
To create an event, you first have to add a New Client or Prospect to your account.  Click Add Client/Prospect and follow the prompts.  Watch the tutorial videos below before you get started.  They are a big help to teach you how to do any and every thing on Details!

This video goes over all the important "details" in setting up your company- from contract terms, to payment defaults, tax settings and items you sell. This is our old portal version, and we will have new videos coming soon!

Lucky for you, Details comes preloaded with over 2,000 images, costs and recipes for you to choose from.  You are welcome to add as many as you can.  If you have large amount of additional items, we can do bulk uploads to your account for a nominal fee.  Please send your requests to
Details comes preset with costs that are pretty close to market average.  Any changes to costs or markups that you make are automatically saved as part of your company history and can be updated by any of your authorized users only.

You will be thrilled to have quicker turnaround on costs and availability to purchase in real time and be a part of predicative ordering.  Our wholesaler partners are excited to participate in this innovative new buying process called ‘Request for Quotes’.  

Yes, you cancel at any time by going to the subscription button and clicking unsubscribe.  If you are considering cancelling, we ask you to reach out to us and tell us why you are leaving.  

Watch this video! It shows our founder talking about the process and how Details can help.

We love feedback and ideas from our users!  This helps us to improve our product.  We welcome every idea, and we add this to our features list.  The more requested items are brought to the top of the list, but we are constantly adding and updating, so please tell us what you WISH!
Absolutely not!  All of your recipes are securely stored for your reference only.   Any items that you add are part of your company, and no one else’s.  We will from time-to-time push out updates and changes (i.e. new blooms, new community recipes), however your information is yours unless otherwise shared.  We would like to have a feature in the future to share designs, but you would have to opt in to this opportunity by changing your individual recipes from private to public.  We haven’t released this feature yet.
Changes are happening daily at Details.  We love feedback, and as suggestions and new features are added, we love to give them to you.  For larger changes, we typically will send out announcements through our email marketing campaigns to alert all subscribers and those on our newsletter of these changes. Be sure to join the newsletter if you are not on it already.

Email our team here, and we’ll get back to you ASAP with additional questions.  You can also book time on our calendar by clicking here.