There's Nothing holding you back

by Corrine Heck, CEO & Founder of Details Flowers Software

As featured in Viewpoint from Floral Management Magazine, September 2018 edition.

When I started in my career search so many years ago, I really didn’t know what I wanted from this life.  Like many young people, I was floating along and searching for the “perfect job” that pays the bills and made me feel good.

As a creative, it’s not a coincidence that I landed in the floral industry right out of college.  I knew someday I would become a floral designer and produce gorgeous weddings featured in all the big magazines.  After two years of answering phones and sending orders, I was anxious to finally design so I asked my employer to move me to the design floor.  To my surprise, he told me to put my design dreams to rest. He said I was better suited taking orders by phone.

I quit that day.  Although I didn’t know what I would do, or how I would do it, I believed in myself and my ability to do more.

In fact, it would take three years, but I eventually opened a beautiful boutique designing weddings in Central Florida. Early on we produced hundreds of weddings in our market and became a leader in beautiful flowers and design.  Yet, I still found myself unfulfilled.  As most owners know, having a business has challenges, and I wasn’t prepared for many of them. I spent hours tinkering with numbers, processes, and procedures.  It was a struggle.

I knew that there had to be a better way.

What I didn’t realize was that all that tinkering was preparing me for me my next step — and my next career, as the creator of a software platform that helps florists and designers streamline proposals, simplify payments and make designs more profitable.

There was a better way, but, first, I had to build it.

I thought about my big idea day and night, but for a long time, I pushed it down. I doubted myself. I waited for a big national company to come up with the idea themselves.  After a few years, I decided it was time for me to act.

I heard no again — a lot.

Even close family tried to deter me: “How can you do that?” “What do you know about technology?” Some people said my dream was too big, but I knew I had to try.

So, I did what I do best. I got to work.

While my floral design company was producing hundreds of events, I quietly planned and created after hours.  I arranged meetings with developers and business experts.  I took university courses, read business books, and even pitched in venture competitions (and won!). When I would introduce myself, I wouldn’t say “I’m a wedding florist.” I’d say, “I’m a software developer for the floral industry.”

One afternoon I was printing presentations and portfolios when I bumped into a former colleague.  “I can’t believe you’re still working on this idea,” they exclaimed.  I could have let the comment defeat me. Instead, it fueled me.  “Yes, I AM!” I exclaimed.  

When you want to achieve something big, you must believe in yourself first.

After years of risk-taking toward this wild idea, I’m so proud to be the CEO of Details Flower Software. Today, we help many of the world’s most talented florists achieve more with software that started with a dream, my dream.  It’s been a long journey filled with ups and downs, yeses and no’s, moments of defeat and feelings of joy and accomplishment.

The floral industry is a challenging industry. Whichever segment you’re working in, when you have a new idea, you’re going to hear “no” a lot. But this is also an industry that’s always changing, and we need those new ideas — your new ideas — to help us all thrive.

I’m proud to be part of this industry and proud to share in its entrepreneurial spirit.  If I can offer any advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs it would be this: Never give up. When your dreams may seem audacious or impossible, and no one believes in them, remember you are enough. You can do it. Dream bigger.

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Our approach is pretty simple. It all comes down to dedicating our talent to developing a comprehensive and intuitive platform that eliminates time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Our product development team is happy to present this invaluable service to you!
Corrine has worked in nearly every aspect of the floral and event industry for over 20 years. She was born in the former rose capital of the U.S. (Mt. Clemens, Michigan) and grew up in the heart of the foliage industry (Apopka, Florida). Corrine learned the ‘ins and outs’ of flower brokering from the industries best. Her invaluable experience as a flower broker and wedding florist inspired her to create Details. When Corrine is not working, she enjoys mornings at the beach, yoga class, traveling, and hosting dinner parties for her closest friends. Corrine has been married to Gregory for 18 years, and they reside on their 8-acre farm in Ormond Beach, Florida with their 3 wonderful kids and a houseful of pets.
SAMANTHA Customer Success Specialist
Samantha is a floral bouquet of enthusiasm, excitement, knowledge, and passion. She brings essential oils to our offices and an aroma of freshness to our days. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the floral industry create a virtual resource for all things Details. She’s our Flower Power! When not at work you will find Samantha outdoors, gardening, rock climbing, exploring and sharing her never-ending talents that begin with her generous spirit and kind heart.
CULLEN Software Support Specialist
Cullen is the newest member of the Support team! Around the office, he specializes in writing content for the Details Blog and applying his combined background in tech and customer service to our platform. He, his wife Sarah, and their dog Zeus love traveling and all things outdoors. Cullen hails from beautiful Bellingham, WA and is a lifelong Mariners fan and musician.
LINDA Administration & HR
Linda is like a rare bottle of wine; she keeps getting better with age! She brings smiles and a light-hearted look at life after raising five (5) kids and a variety of engaging management activities that brought her to Details. As a proven multi-tasker, with a love of garden roses, fairness and being kind to one another, she's a coffee cup filled with coffee and half & half, or don’t talk to her! We enjoy her candid responses and her ability to keep us enjoying every day with a touch of humor and laughter!
CAROLINE Customer Success Specialist
Caroline is everything Florida! Florida born and raised, she currently makes it her home after graduating from Florida State University! She’s a sincere Seminole fan at heart who loves to travel to new places, and has a deep love for Mexican food (seriously, she wants to eat tacos every day. Ole’)! With a penchant for water, she’s an avid boater and spends extra special time with her new puppy, snuggling of course! We’re excited that she landed here at Details Flowers.
PARIE Virtual Designer
Parie is the newest member of our team and the only remote employee. She is absolutely PASSIONATE about flowers and weddings. Seriously. She's been in this crazy industry for over 30 years, and she still feels like an 8-year-old on Christmas morning when she opens a box of fresh flowers. Parie is a student of life, and boy has she had some learning over the past few years. She's a breast cancer survivor and learning to navigate a new normal. She's a proud member of the Chapel Designs, a mom to Max & Molly, and share's every day with her adoring husband Richard in Amarillo, Texas. Parie would love to create design magic for you.

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