How to be a trend setter like Taylor Swift

by Corrine Heck, July 6, 2016

“The rest of the world was black and white, But we were in screaming color” (Out of the Woods, Taylor Swift).  My girl Taylor Swift can write a song.  This lyric speaks volumes to me. That is the world of flowers.  Flowers sing with color, like Taylor’s music, they bring joy.

Taylor’s music is catchy yet inspirational, simple yet sophisticated.  Just like her, we are changing and trying new things.  Mixing different elements in order to reinvent old styles into trending designs.  Here at Details Flowers we have an outlook similar to Taylor’s songs.  Her songs speak the truths hidden behind smiling faces.  Swift’s lyrics tell stories about heartbreak and new beginnings.  Our flowers express the emotions some forget to feel.  Floral designs, like Taylor Swift’s songs, represent moments in one’s life one never wants to forget.

Listening to Taylor’s songs brings back memories.  I was fortunate to see her in action in April 2013 when I took my two daughters to a Taylor Swift’s concert. We were in the right place at the right time.  Her voice cascaded throughout the arena and the teenagers were screaming loud, an upbeat memorable melody, and there, right in front of us we saw her shaking it off.  Moments like these are worth the challenge of running around for tickets. Witnessing the joy on my girls’ faces, seeing their eyes sparkle with anticipation, their lips mouthing the lyrics as they sang along, and their hands swaying to the beat of the music – simply priceless!   563771_10151407408090945_709864972_n

Just like me, T-Swift started her career at a young age and ever since she has been a trend setter.  Similar to how music changes over time, we as wedding floral designers need to evolve to survive.  When I started out in the wedding floral business I didn’t know some odd years later I would be running Details Flowers software company.  I am truly blessed to be where I am now, to have seen all I have seen, and to have learned from every single event.  This world will always keep turning, but we are the ones to decide in which direction we should go in.  Right now the path I am headed is the road to innovation.


Many wedding floral designers in this day and age are attempting to differentiate themselves from the other wedding designers in their town.  Throughout the years, Taylor has reinvented her look and sound to stay relevant.  We as floral designers need to keep up with the new kids on the block.  Competitors are out there, we need to know when to make changes and be ahead of the curve.  Taylor and Details are both redesigning and recreating our industries. Establishing change and moving forward.

A great way to move forward is to try our software.  We make it easy for you to keep up with your clients, be the trendsetter in your local city.

Just for fun, tell us which Taylor Swift song best represents your business philosophy and why?  We love to hear your thoughts and fun stories.  Click on to connect and share.

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